Basic Text: Gospel of John Chapter 2, Verses 01 to 11 (ACF Version). And on the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there. And Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. And when they were short of

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Winning our children for Jesus (Part 1)

Winning our children for Jesus (Part 1) All of us Christian parents desire that our children follow the ways of the Lord. We desire that our children make wise choices. Choices based on the Word of God. To build their lives fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives. But many times,

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Parents and Children in the Pandemic

Parents and Children in the Pandemic We are living in times of distress, not only worldwide, but inside our homes as well. Homes are being threatened by an invisible enemy, which is called “Lack of Peace”. Due to Covid-19, we have faced many changes… Children have started to study at

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How to Talk to Your Children

How to Talk to Your Children I made a video for the channel “A Look into Eternity”, on YouTube recently. I approached an aspect that I consider crucial in raising children: if what we are teaching is or is not being absorbed by our little ones? I believe that all

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Teenagers Need Limits

Teenagers Need Limits Yesterday I posted a video on the Youtube platform, talking about this topic: Limits for teenagers. Someone commented that small children also need limits. Of course they do. But the video is about limits in the lives of children who are in another phase… Do you know

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A Wise Woman“A wise woman builds her house” (Proverbs 14.1a). Many of us are familiar with the above verse, but what does it really mean to build your house with wisdom? In this article I would like to address three characteristics that the wise woman certainly possesses. There are many

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