Spiritual Authority (Part 1)

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“…And when he had withdrawn, he went on, as usual, to the Mount of Olives; and the disciples accompanied him.” Luke 22:39

Jesus certainly had a life of prayer. While here in this world, in the flesh, he was a man of prayer. Now think with me, if the Lord Jesus, Son of the living God, God Himself in the flesh, had a life of prayer and had the habit of withdrawing to pray, how then, are we going to win in our spiritual life, without having this habit?

I believe that every Christian who truly loves Jesus desires to have spiritual authority. This is precisely why the Lord Jesus had a life of prayer, of closeness to the Father. The Lord Jesus often went away to pray. To seek his Father. Jesus valued the time he spent with God. He valued the opportunity to withdraw to pray. He made it a habit to seek the presence of God.

There is no way to become a praying person, who has authority in the spiritual world, if you don’t practice prayer. Without the habit of prayer, there is no anointing.

To develop the habit of prayer, it is necessary to make a covenant with yourself. Propose from now on, every day, to have a schedule, a time and a place to withdraw and seek the Father’s face. Respect this covenant. Respect this agreement that you will make with yourself. Practice every day. Do as Jesus did, who was in the habit of withdrawing to pray.

Spiritual authority will come as you move forward in installing new spiritual habits in your life. New spiritual practices. Today I want to challenge you to set aside a time and place to pray every day. In the next article, I will cover another important step to develop even more spiritual authority. God bless you, in Jesus’ Name.


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