Imitators of God

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In Ephesians chapter 5, verse 1, the apostle Paul guides us to be imitators of God. Luke talks about being merciful like God (Luke 6.36), and Peter in his first letter (1 Peter 1.14-16) calls us “sons of obedience”… It is clear throughout the Bible the importance of serving God, not only “with our mouths”, but with all our hearts. And “with all our heart” includes actions.

It is interesting to note that talking about God, reading the Bible, praying, going to church, all this is relatively easy… But when it comes to living the word of God in our daily lives, things can get very complicated! God is love. He is mercy. He is goodness. Easy to understand, isn’t it? But how much of these characteristics can you extend to those who live with you every day? Can you love your spouse even when he/she is angry? Can you show mercy for the failures and difficulties of your family members? Can you extend kindness to all?

I know that all of us, as “good” Christians, try to do our best every day (or at least, we should!). But if we stop to reflect that not even Jesus accepted the definition of “good”… (In Mark chapter 10, verse 18, Jesus replies, “Why do you call me good? If Jesus, Son of God, who did not sin, even living in a human body among us here on earth, says that there is only “One” who is good, and that is God, wouldn’t we be conforming ourselves to a mediocre Christianity?

How many of us actually try to imitate Christ in our daily lives? How many of us actually live true love? Starting with those who live with us?! Mercy, it seems to me, is far from some homes that call themselves “Christian”. In the same way, kindness… How many angry parents treat their children as if they were a nuisance in their lives? How many husbands yell at their wives and address them with total stupidity? How many wives treat their husbands like strangers in the house? Parents who don’t pay attention to their children, who in turn don’t respect their parents?

Christian homes?

The Bible tells us to be imitators of God. God is forgiving. God loves unconditionally. God is merciful and accepts and welcomes us endlessly, even when we err and sin against Him.

Just for a few days, I challenge you to put these three characteristics of God into practice in your life. Be loving to your family members, as God is to you. Be kind to every member of your family. Extend mercy to everyone in your home. Just for a few days… Start with a week… Then for 10 days…

And when you’re doing well… When you feel that you’re practicing with ease, that you’re loving like the Lord, having mercy, and being kind like God is to you… Then incorporate these three traits of the Lord into your life, daily and permanently. Until they become a part of you. Until they become permanent in your life.

May God bless you!




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