Anxiety… How to overcome this evil

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Anxiety… How to overcome this evil

I have always been impressed by the fact that Mary, Lazarus’ sister, could sit at the feet of Jesus, calmly, simply listening to him quietly, while her sister Martha, struggled in the kitchen with the tasks that an unexpected visit of 13 people certainly entailed.

I can identify with Martha’s revolt. I understand her. The fact is that Jesus did not agree with Martha’s attitude, and obviously, He would not agree with mine, since it would probably be the same.

But in fact, Jesus was not scolding Martha for worrying about the meals and perhaps the possible lodging of 13 men (Jesus and his 12 disciples). What Jesus wanted, was to draw Martha’s attention to her rushing around and her agenda of inverted priorities!

We are experts at overloading ourselves with commitments that we can barely handle on a daily basis. We fill up on activities, and our devotional life – if it even exists – comes last on our long list of daily tasks. Jesus was warning Martha about the danger of the inversion of priorities. The inversion of values! Martha had no time to sit at the Lord’s feet. She had no time to feed herself spiritually. Her spiritual growth was compromised by an excess of secondary activities!

Maybe everything Martha was doing was really important! I think so. The point is, it couldn’t be more important than her time with God! Mary, her sister, was praised by Jesus, not because she was the Lord’s favorite and most beloved friend, but because she was able to discern what was eternal from what was material, worldly and passing.

Our daily concerns, however legitimate they may be, do not establish a relationship with our creator. But our time with God does! If we don’t take the time to feed ourselves with the Word of God, to feed our relationship with God, nothing else makes sense! For that which is the most important thing, has been delegated to the background: our eternity!!! I need to remind myself of this every day, so that I don’t fall into Martha’s mistake. I am trying to build a devotional life of Mary. And you?

God bless you



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