Winning Our Children for Jesus (Part 2)

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Winning Our Children for Jesus (Part 2)

In the previous article I talked about the importance of winning our children to Jesus when they are still children… That the vast majority of adults accepted Jesus by the age of 15. And 50% of them even before the age of 10. With these numbers we don’t need any extra incentive! All we need is to take action! But you may ask: How to do it? What to do? Here are some ways to introduce spiritual matters into the family’s daily life.

Family worship. Who has not heard about this? But astound the reader, according to statistics, 53% of families do not do domestic worship because it is not among their priorities and they are not willing to do it! Another 27% do not think it is important! 10% can’t compete with TV, 6% don’t know “how” to do it, and 4% can’t find a favorable time. We are talking about Christian families here! Families that are able to do their home services are so rare that they don’t even appear in the statistics! Alarming this issue!

Let’s get to the facts… If we don’t set out to DO the worship service, it won’t happen! It is necessary that home worship be a priority for the family. And obviously, that priority comes from the parents. It is the parents who determine the priorities of the family. The family’s agenda. Having time to teach about Jesus has to be on your agenda!

Not being able to compete with TV, the cell phone, or whatever media we are talking about here, is absurd, to say the least! If eternity is an important issue for you. If seeing your children saved and following Christ is important to you… I don’t think excuses fit here. Just LET GO of the media. Okay? Just let go and do what is necessary to sow the Word of God in the hearts of your children!

As for those who don’t think it is important to do the home service, or can’t find a favorable time… A question: Are you really converted? Really? And how do you expect your children to value something that you don’t?

And finally, about “how” to do home worship. I am happy to be of help! Get your family together, start with a Bible reading. The Gospels. Any of them. Maybe John is a good start… Here is a suggestion. Read some verses. A parable, a miracle of Jesus… Talk about it… Pray afterwards. Ask forgiveness for sins. Blessings and protection from God over your family… Ask the Lord to bless the sick, family members, missionaries spread all over the world… In short, whatever you wish! Teach children to talk to God as you would talk to a friend… If you want, search for Bible studies on the Internet. There is a lot of interesting content for children. Here at home we subscribe to the quarterly APEC magazine (, and we are always buying materials to enrich our children’s universe and stimulate each of them in their spiritual walk with Jesus. I hope I have helped you!

God bless you!

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