How to Talk to Your Children

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How to Talk to Your Children

I made a video for the channel “A Look into Eternity”, on YouTube recently. I approached an aspect that I consider crucial in raising children: if what we are teaching is or is not being absorbed by our little ones?

I believe that all of us are currently more overloaded than any generation before us has ever been. There are so many external demands that we hardly realize how often we put aside the things that should be at the top of our priority list. Our family should be at the top of this list. But unfortunately, what we see most often are children rejected by their parents, left out of their basic needs for attention and affection.

In the video I mentioned above, I addressed the issue that many times we try to teach our children something that apparently is not absorbed by them. And this is often because we teach by speaking to the reason, to their brain, and not to the heart. You see, when we speak to the brain, we are only transmitting information. If we want to be heard, that they really absorb what we are trying to communicate, then we need to speak to the heart of our children.

Speaking to the heart demands a few points. For example: You can’t speak to a child’s heart without paying attention to him. You also don’t speak to a child’s heart while paying attention to something else, and not to him. If we don’t know how to communicate with our children, accessing their feelings, and speaking to their hearts, all the content we are passing on to them will be of little use, if this communication is only happening at the information level. At the rational level, little success is achieved.

May God give you wisdom to speak to the hearts of your children, with love.

Rosileni Mansano.

Watch the full video (copy and paste)

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