Teenagers Need Limits

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Teenagers Need Limits

Yesterday I posted a video on the Youtube platform, talking about this topic: Limits for teenagers. Someone commented that small children also need limits. Of course they do. But the video is about limits in the lives of children who are in another phase… Do you know why it is necessary to remind parents that their teenagers need rules at home? Because parents forget that they have grown up, but only on the outside. On the inside they are still very immature and need to be guided and directed so that they don’t get lost.

We cannot stop looking at our children in such a difficult phase, so full of ups and downs, as the adolescence phase is. We need to take a stand. We need to set rules that put things in order of priority within the home. What is the family devotional like? How are the moments that the family spends in the presence of God? Do the children ask questions? Do they ask questions? What are the rules regarding the use of the internet, computer or cell phone in the bedroom? What are the rules in your home regarding meals?

Can you see how important it is to have defined boundaries? Boundaries protect and bring security to this teenager who is about to enter the adult world and feels unprepared for it. At a young age, the pressures are immense and intense, and the internal baggage to deal with everything is still small. If parents are not attentive to their children at that age, they can easily miss fundamental issues.

I invite every parent who is reading this text to get closer to their children and talk. Dialogue… We usually set limits and take care of our children while they are small. But when they grow up, we have the impression that they no longer need to be cared for. But it is exactly the opposite. They need guidance for life, and more than ever, they need their parents to be on their side, supporting them and transmitting love, security and direction.

God bless you.


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